Monday, March 1, 2010

New Moon The Movie Is Boring

New Moon The Movie Is Boring

Me and my kids watched New Moon the Movie last night and it is very frustartingly boring. I never expected that this movie can be a waste of time My kids waited for one year to watch this movie only to be disappointed by it's very slow pace and no sense dialog and direction.

The first part of this Twilight Saga is okey. It's not bad but not amazing. The book story is very nice to start with. And since the first movie is okey, I have expected the second part to be better and more interesting to watch.

I guess young people will only be excited because of the casting of the movie. But the slow pace of the movie is very disappointing. The director of the movie doesn't fit with the story of the book. Oh well goodluck for the fans of Edward, Taylor and Christine as this movie is not the movie that you expected to watch.

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