Monday, December 14, 2009

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story
A Cinderella story is a film about a girl called Sam Montgomery who wanted to live in a fairytale with her dad Hal and it all seemed to be going well until one day her dad thought that she needed a mother and got married to Fiona and she moved in with them with her two daughters Brianna and Gabriella but Sam wasn't that happy about it but she never said anything to her dad.

One night her dad was reading her a bedtime story when a earthquake hit he checked to make sure that Sam was okay then he went to see if Fiona was okay and as soon as he walked out of Sam's room she would never get her fairytale because he died and because no one could find her dad's will everything got left to Fiona and she was really mean to Sam she made her move up to the attic then made Sam her slave.

Sam had to do everything around the house like cooking and cleaning and she made her go to work at her dad's diner then eight years later she was still living with them and she was working all the time but not just because Fiona was making her do it but because she was trying to save up money to go to college to get as far away from them as possible she was planning on going to princeton and she got talking to this guy on the computer called Nomad they were sending emails to each other and sending text messages on there phone.

There was a halloween dance coming up and they arranged to meet there but when she told Fiona about it she wouldn't let her go she made her go to work but with the help of her friends Carter and Rhonda she was able to go and she met with Nomad there and she found out that it was a guy called Austin Ames.

After the dance Sam moved out of her house and moved in with Rhonda and when she went back to get the rest of her things she found her dad's will hidden in the fairytale book that he used to read to her so she called the police and Fiona got arrested and Sam put Rhonda in charge of the diner then Sam and Austin went away to princeton together and they lived happily ever after well at least for now.

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