Friday, December 4, 2009

Lisa Wu Hartwell: Misunderstood Mommy

Lisa Wu Hartwell: Misunderstood Mommy

Im very opinionated and I must say it doesn't necessarily come across on this blog (an announcement coming soon about that!) but I must go toe-to-toe for Lisa Wu Hartwell.

So many blogs and websites are going in hard on Lisa. Why? She did an interview with Star Magazine and in the interview she says she wants to gain custody from her ex-husband Keith Sweat ONLY to put her two other sons on the show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I believe the interview was taken out of context. I have interviewed personalities before and when you use quotes and insert your own opinion into the story things can get confusing. I think her two oldest sons see the show and the baby brother and would like to see themselves on there also.

Bloggers and websites are also giving her flack because she LOST custody of her children. Throughout the divorce there were hurled back-and-forth charges of infidelity, violence, fraud and theft. What people aren't looking at is

1) when its a celebrity (Keith Sweat) vs a 'normal' woman (Lisa) how the judges are more inclined to go with the father on a verdict especially in the south

2) Keith sweat has SOLE CUSTODY of his other children also....hmmmm I wonder why? (Money, fame and influence will get you anywhere and everywhere!)

I have had first hand experience with a family member who lost custody of her son to a now retired NFL player. After she did not want to abide by his rules anymore. The tricks and stunts and allegations he and his lawyer pulled to get the young boy were unbelievable! When you have money, are easily recognizable and play dirty a woman CAN AND WILL LOSE CUSTODY.

Lisa told Essence this today:

It is a very private issue. My husband, myself and [ex-husband] Keith Sweat are trying to work things out. Our children are doing fine and I see them every other day and sometimes every day..... I would never exploit my children nor do I feel the need to impress anyone. ...It's sad that people pass judgment on things they know nothing about. At the end of the day I can't worry about everyone else, I have to stay focused on what's important and that's me and my family.

Some bloggers and online publications like to be messy but when it comes to children, heartache and lies to me its unacceptable. I hope Lisa does get her children back!

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