Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mallika Sherawat: From Catwoman to Kama Sutra girl

Mallika Sherawat: From Catwoman to Kama Sutra girl



The sexy Mallika   Sherawat promises to be even more sensuous in her upcoming film, Ugly Aur Pagli. The actress will be seen in some interesting avatars -- from Catwoman to a Kama Sutra girl!

Ashley Rebello, who has designed her outfits in the film, takes us through her different looks. Over to Ashley:

How did you happen to design Mallika's outfits in Ugly Aur Pagli?

I design all her outfits. I did not get any specific brief for Ugli Aur Pagli; it all depends on the situations and the scenes. If it is a song sequence, the costume will be different. She has different avatars in Ugly Aur Pagli, so she has different costumes for them.

What are the different outfits?

She dresses up like an Indian princess, catwoman, supergirl... Basically, she has a very simple look in the film -- she's like the girl-next-door. So her outfits in the film are very casual, simple and modern.

It's very easy to design for Mallika. She trusts me completely -- she has blind faith on me. So there are no worries when I design for her

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