Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video Wulan Guritno and ananda mikola

Video Wulan Guritno and ananda mikola
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Hot Gossip from indonesia artis that video wulan guritno wide circulation on the internet, but wulan guritno argue that in that video is not her.this artis indonesia say that women in that video just look like her but she is not wulan. as i seen that video, women in that video really look like wulan guritno.
that video played a man and a women having sex in kitchen. they were doint marital relationship. and the man look like ananda mikola, so do the women look like wulan guritno.
in soon wulan guritno would press conference and will ague that the women in that video not wulan guritno. so if you ever see that video you can appreciate your self.
this is show us how indonesia artis in the face.
and in the internet many people search "wulan guritno bokep mesum"

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