Sunday, November 29, 2009

BET Awards wrap-up and the Tiny adn Toya Show

BET Awards wrap-up and the Tiny adn Toya Show
I was so disappointed with the BET Awards. I know it was a last
minute tribute, I get it but it looked like it and it felt like it was
last minute. Jamie Foxx did a fantasic job of hosting and
entertaining. The performances were ok. Nothing to write home about
or even post videos of. The mixture of the current songs and Michael
tributes would have flowed much more nicely if a mini-tribute at the
beginning and then the last hour a humongous tribute with all the
stars. And for BET or Jay-Z or whoever to deny Chris Brown the
opportunity to perform his famous Michael Jackson tribute did not sit
well with me. We had Don Cornelius on stage who assaulted his wife
some months back. Why not Chris?

Some things I noticed: Those young girls on stage w/ Drake and Weezy
were Tiny's group the OMG Girls
Sherri Shepard was there with that cute WWF wrestler
Drake tore his ACL thats why he was standing

Moving on.. was BET trying to instal subliminal messages to make us
like Tiny and Toya's new show with all those commercials? I watched
the show and I was majorly disappointed. It seems I have never heard
Tiny speak and I don't think I want to.... goodness. We get it you're
famous and have everyday problems (it was sad about Tiny's dad and
Toya's mom) but I hope they are still grateful about being able to
'have anything they want'. There are some people that don't have 10
percent of what they have. All in all I feel I won't miss anything by
not watching this show.

Coming up....the fashions!

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