Sunday, November 29, 2009

Katrina Kaif would launch her personal website

Katrina Kaif would launch her personal website
Salman Khan , Bollywood superstar can scare anybody off with his hot temper, but hottie Katrina Kaif didn't even think once before tweeting on her current flame.
Only Katrina Kaif dares to make such daring comment against hot-headed Salman Khan that 'Salman is lazy' . Other than Kat if someone else comments that Salman is very lazy than Sallu miya would have teach him or her a good lesson. Since the comment has been made by Kat, he took it easily. Salman Khan’s love Katrina Kaif not only thinks that Salman is a lazy guy but she also declared it to the whole world.

Katrina herself is tired of answering question about her Twitter profile. She has been denying all claims of using Twitter right since the beginning but fans have been going bonkers over the fake profile ever since it launched. A recent Tweet which stated that 'Salman is lazy' created quite a stir in the Tweeting junta and the gossip hungry media alike.
However, Katrina has agreed to launch her own website, but it won't cover her day to day activities, let alone personal information. “I don't think it’s cool to let people know where I am or what I’m doing throughout the day… I guess my life is not an open Facebook.” She revealed she would launch her personal website called by the end of the year.And as she is the most searched,her site will be a great demand.


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