Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Lips

The 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Lips
1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina's unbelievable lips are responsible for so many things. Her career, global warming and ruining Jennifer Aniston's life.

2. Megan Fox

It was tough not to put Megan #1, but for all of her hotness, she just couldn't dethrone the greatest lips in the history of mankind. Tell you what Megan, kindly have those lame tattoos removed from your body and maybe we'll consider you for the crown next year.

3. Jessica Biel

Is there a Jessica Biel body part that isn't perfect? I think it's time to consider the possibility that she might be a cyborg.

4. Rihanna

Her lips must be what makes her singing voice so good. Or what got her a singing career in the first place.

5. Rachel Bilson

See the thing about Rachel is she's ... the reason we love Rachel so much is because ... she's just so damn hot.

6. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett's lips have always given us Scarlett fever. You know, because her name is Scarlett and fevers make you hot.

7. Christina Aguilera

If her lips continue to grow at the same rate as her chest, we're all in for a big treat.

8. Eva Mendes

The best thing about Eva's luscious lips is that they always look like they're in the kissing position.

9. Jessica Alba

Since Jessica isn't really do anything right now but her random YouTube videos, we think a video where she tries out new liptsticks in front of a webcam for an hour wouldn't be such a bad idea.

10. Nina Moric

The former Miss Croatia has unbelievable kissers with most of the the credit going to her thick upper lip. You know, like the AC/DC song.


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