Saturday, November 21, 2009

i love her..but..

i love her..but..
Tila's getting a little riled up about Perez Hilton. She tweeted a couple things about him, which I think were really rude. I don't think people realize that Perez does this for a living, and damn girl, you know he's making just as much money as you are.

"officialTilaIm gonna call him out now. Perez Hilton wishes to be famous, he wishes to be a star, but he's not. So talks shit about famous people instead"

HAHAH What makes her a star?? and um, has he said anything bad about Tila?? Maybe, but I mean..he said some pretty nice things about her supporting prop8. People get a kick out of what he does, and that's why he does it. He never claimed to be a star either. haha wow..why is this bothering me? I think I just feel bad for him and has stuck through everything after all the shit he gets, he's racking in the muns, and works really hard(radio shows, tv appearences, etc)

She's cute and all but baaaack upppp and GET OVER IT. God knows she'd be cryin' and carrying on if she got punched in the face.

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